Foam Insulation Danger

We often get asked if we use foam insulation. The simple answer is no. The reason we do not use foam insulation is that it will hold liquid water. Several times, we have inspected houses with foam insulation in the walls or cavities with extensive water and mold damage. The worst example I have recently seen was a house that had a wine cellar in the finished basement, The wine cellar was enclosed with foam insulation. The bathroom above had a small leak in the fitting where the pipe went to the toilet. The water dripped onto the foam insulation below and stayed there as a liquid for months. If there had been traditional fiberglass insulation in the ceiling of the wine cellar, a spot would have appeared on the ceiling and the leak would have been discovered quickly. Since it had foam insulation holding the water above the ceiling, the drywall never even got wet. The damage was discovered after the sub floor, which had been sitting on the standing water, started to sag. Now the flooring has to be replaced, the framing redone, and all the hardwoods on the first floor will have to be re-sanded. Without the foam holding the water, the repair would have been a minor patch job. Now the repair will be more than $30,0000.00. Be wary of foam insulation.

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