Termite inspections

Most homeowners have at least a yearly termite inspection. While this is something we all should have done, I have noticed a trend with these inspections. Many people call after a termite inspection because the inspector has told them the crawlspace is to damp. While it is true that a wet crawlspace will draw termites, most of the time I believe the report of a wet crawlspace is an up sell by the termite company to get more work. Typically, they want you to install a vapor barrier and a dehumidifier. Most of the time they do not even close the vents. How well is that dehu you just paid $$$ working if it is dehumidifying the outside air? For the prices I see quoted by the termite companies, you could  install a sealed crawlspace and never have to worry about moisture again.  If you think you need a second opinion about moisture in your crawlspace, call RCS for a non obligation quote.

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