My House is new-with a sealed crawlspace and it smells

If you have a new house-congratulations. If you have a new house with a sealed crawlspace-even better.  I often work with builders that have installed sealed crawlspaces in new homes and an odor is now present in the house. It is not uncommon for odors associated with construction to come from a sealed crawlspace. These can just be off-gassing from the glue and insulation board. The worst smell will emanate from TJI or engineered floor trusses. These are held together with wood glue and will off-gas for weeks, if not months after they are installed. As the house acclimates to you and your HVAC usage, the smell will dissipate.  Usually airing out the sealed crawlspace with a fan for a few days will reduce the odor. In some extreme cases, the crawlspace may have to be switched from a supplied air to a dehumidifier to lessen the smell in the house. Please call RCS if you think the odor in your new sealed crawlspace is not what it should be. RCS can inspect the crawlspace and prepare solutions for you.

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