Sealed Crawlspace Benefits

Reduce Moisture, Mold & Rot

Excess moisture in the home can lead to a variety of problems including, but not limited to, mold, excessive condensation on ductwork and it can even act as a magnet for insects. A properly Sealed Crawlspace will reduce the moisture content in the home. [ Learn More ]


13-18% Energy Savings

Studies show that a sealed crawlspace is 13-18% more energy efficient than an unsealed crawlspace. Save your hard earned money, reduce your carbon footprint, and help your country save energy just by sealing your crawlspace. You could recoup your investment in a few years.




Get The Bugs Out

An unsealed crawlspace is a paradise for bugs. Common bugs in the crawlspace are camelback crickets, centipedes, spiders, and cockroaches. And if these bugs are under your feet, chances are they are also in the house.