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Mold in the crawlspace

Often, RCS will inspect a crawlspace where the homeowner is worried about mold. All crawlspaces will have some amount of mold, even new construction. RCS can clean the mold in your crawlspace and return it to normal levels. We can apply an antifungal coating to prevent future mold growth on the exposed wood in the crawlspace once the remediation is complete. RCS follows established protocols listed in the only ANSI approved Mold Remediation standard. The IICRC s520 is the only approved standard. Be wary of other certification bodies that will essentially provide a certificate for a few hours of correspondence classes over the internet. Our technicians have the IICRC certifications which combine experience and actual classroom work.

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RCS sells a complete line of dehumidifiers for crawlspaces and basements. RCS sells only premium dehumidifiers to our clients. We have found that you get what you pay for. A less expensive, do-it-yourself model from big box stores will not do the job. None of the brands the big box stores sells come with an intrinsic drain pump. This means they can fill-up the reservoir and just stop working. Most of these types of dehumidifiers are not as energy efficient as our dehumidifiers and actually remove less water while consuming more energy than the models RCS sells. If you are going to install a dehumidifier in your crawlspace or basement, it pays off in the end to buy a better dehumidifier from RCS.

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Wall insulation or not?

When a new home gets a sealed crawlspace, it almost always has the walls insulated. What about an existing home?

In most cases, it is better to leave the existing batt insulation in the crawlspace.   The batt insulation is what most people have in their home. It fits in the spaces between the joists and is held in place by wire hangers. As long as the insulation meets current code and doesn’t show signs of disrepair, maybe you should leave it rather than riping it out, hauling it away, and installing new insulation along the walls. RCS will seal the walls anyway as part of the service.  Be wary of other contractors that state it has to be replaced. The removal/replacement of the insulation could run as high as 25% of the total cost of the project. Why not save that money ( that you don’t need to spend anyway)  and get a better deal from RCS.

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Crawlspace Critters

RCS does more than just sealed crawlspaces. A significant part of our business is crawlspace inspection. Often, I get calls about fallen insulation and bad odor in a crawlspace. The first thing that comes to my mind is that an opossum has been in the crawlspace. Opossums routinely get into crawlspaces and set up nests. They pull down the insulation and sleep in it. They also freely use the crawlspace as their personal “facility.” The odor from the urine is as strong as cat urine. Usually the fix involves running the critter out of the crawlspace, sealing the entry point, replacing the insulation, removing the vapor barrier, (along with the organic debris) and replacing the vapor barrier.

With a sealed crawlspace, all of the entry routes are sealed. Even if the crawlspace door is left open by mistake and a critter gets in, the material is tough enough that it can be cleaned and sanitized without replacement. If you are worried about what might be in the crawlspace, feel free to give us a call.

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