Our Method

Trained installers will remove wood and organic materials from your crawl space floor. Rocks and uneven surfaces are leveled, depending on the crawl space conditions. The Poly Scrim liner is carefully cut and installed. The cuts are made much like carpet minimizing the amount of seams.

Once the floor is laid, The columns and piers are sealed by wrapping them to a height of about eighteen inches. The walls are also done at this point. A double-sided mastic tape is used to permanently secure the poly scrim liner to the walls and columns. The seams from the wall overlap the floor by about eighteen inches.

The poly scrim liner covers the floor and walls to fully isolate your home environment from the earth. The result is an attractive, bright, tough, impervious liner – and a healthy home above it!

All seams are sealed with special wide PVC sealing tape made especially for the poly scrim liner.

Finally, all the foundation vents are sealed with reflective insulation and gap sealant. A mechanical dehumidification device is installed with an automatic relative humidity control. If relative humidity reaches levels conducive for moisture condensation or mold germination, the dehumidifier operates and removes excess moisture ensuring you a safe, energy efficient crawlspace.

Your crawlspace is sealed, saving you money, and no longer a health threat!